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December 28, 2016: Jasmine Cui "Karyotype" December 28, 2016: Karen An-huei Lee "Epithalamium on Peau de Soie" December 21, 2016: Linette Reeman "After Donald Trump is Elected President, Alan Turing Calls Me Crying" December 21, 2016: Catharine Kyle "Ode to a Parallel Universe in Which I Ignite Care" December 14, 2016: Kristin Distel "Inside my father's stopped heart" December 7, 2016: Jenna Kelly "Forward to Injecting Chicks with Meth on Easter Sunday" November 30, 2016: Gabe Montesanti "Here Come the Boys" November 30, 2016: Karin Wraley Barbee "Girls" November 23, 2016: M J Arlett "Accomplice" November 16, 2016: Chris Campanioni "donald trump shakes" November 16, 2016: Amy Jo Trier-Walker "bury our names" November 9, 2016: Amorak Huey "The Kudzu, Everywhere" November 2, 2016: Shara McCallum "Ten Things You Might Like to Know About Madwoman" October 26, 2016: Nicole Scott "X" October 19, 2016: E. Kristin Anderson "This is how I am a monster" October 12, 2016: sam sax "Easy Fast" October 12, 2016: Matthew Landrum "To My Second Daughter" October 5, 2016: Ucke Ogbuji "Grey Erie" October 5, 2016: Kristie Letter "Algebraic" September 28, 2016: Ana Prundaru "Taking the Unfinished Apart" September 21, 2016: Joannie Stageland "Sketch in Blue with Darker Water" September 14, 2016: Katie Manning "Baby Dream #22: The Stranger" September 7, 2016: Rebecca Macijeski "When I was Six My Mother Set Out Sleeping Bags in a Blue Plastic Pool in the Yard So WeCould Watch the Lights in the Sky" August 31,2016: Sarah Escue "The Ungardening" August 24, 2016: Jonathan Duckworth "Three Knowings" August 17, 2016: Seven Chung "Things We Still Must Learn During the California Drought" August 10, 2016: Rachel Girty "Purity" August 3, 2016: Pulsamos: LGBTQ Poets Respond to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting July 27, 2016: Gretchen Primack "Knowledge (East Wing)" July 20, 2016: Ira Sukrungruang "The Lusciousness" July 13, 2016: Candice Iloh "spin." July 6, 2016: Elijah Matthew Tubbs "Cairn" June 29, 2016: Danèlle Lejeune "Every Delicate Step" June 22, 2016: Anna Meister "Conditional" June 15, 2016: Saquina Karla C. Guiam "Tapestry" June 8, 2016: Adeeba Shahid Talukder "On Lightning and Rest" June 1, 2016: Khaty Xiong "After We Hid Your Body I Climbed into Rain"

Volume Six Issue Two (January 2014)
Lisa Bickmore, Michelle Disler, Faith S. Holsaert, Charles O'Hay, Laura Sheahan, and many more.

Volume Six Issue Two Featured Theme: Great Lakes Poets (January 2014)

Volume Six Issue One (June 2013)
Lawrence Eby, Caroline Klocksiem, Amanda Schoen, Shannon K. Winston, and many more.

Volume Six Issue One Featured Theme: Rebirth (June 2013)

Volume Six Issue One Special Feature: The Poetry of Aurora House (June 2013)

Volume Five Issue Two (January 2013)
Laurie Barton, Danielle Hanson, Fred Longworth, Anne Britting Oleson, Amy Schultz and many more.

Volume Five Issue One (June 2012)
Donald Illich, Sandy Longhorn, Marc Nair, William Page, Christine Reilly and many more.

Volume Four Issue Two (December 2011)
Antonia Clark, Teneice Durrant Delgado, Marcus Jackson, James Owens, Laura Sobbot Ross, and many more.

Volume Four Issue One (June 2011)
Heather Derr-Smith, Maureen Kingston, Brenda Paro, David Sullivan, Karen J. Weyant, Jennifer Yeatts, and many more.

Volume Three Issue Two (January 2011)
Edward Byrne, Laura E. Davis, Lois Marie Harrod, Sara Henning, M.J. Iuppa, Sharlene W.N. Teo, Jennifer Wong and many more.

Volume Three Issue One (June 2010)
Elizabeth Ashe, Melissa Dickson Blackburn, J.P. Dancing Bear, Kit Kennedy, Ravi Shankar Rajan, Adam Tavel and many more

Volume Two Issue Three (December 2009)
Laurie Barton, Jee Leong Koh, Nanette Rayman Rivera, Carolee Sherwood, Kerry Trautman and many more.

Volume Two Issue Two (August 2009)
Gale Acuff, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Sheila Black, Michael Cherry, Louie Crew, Tom Gribble, Iris Gribble-Neal, Jennifer Mooney, Brent Newsom, Lenore Weiss and many more.

Volume Two Issue One (April 2009)
Anastasia Clark, Jim Daniels, Michael Kocinski, David McLean, Glenn Sheldon and many more.

Volume One Issue Three (December 2008)
Pamela Coren, Ryder Collins, Gene Fox, Anuja Ghimire, Peter D. Goodwin, Tim Hunt, Irene Latham, Caroline Misner, Weam Namou, Radames Ortiz, Kim Triedman, and many more.

Volume One Issue Two (June 2008)
Ryan A. Bunch, Susan Deer Cloud, Katie Hartsock, Saeed Jones, Kyi May Kaung, Patrick Loafman, Dan Nowak, Patty Paine, Caitlin Ramsey, Benjamin Russell, Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, Steve Trebellas, Samuel S. Vargo, Maw Shein Win and many more.

Volume One Issue One (March 2008)
Rane Arroyo, Lisa Fay Coutley, Taylor Graham, Joseph Hutchison, Ryan McLellan, Kenneth Pobo, Ray Succre, Allison Tobey, JR Walsh, Martin Willitts, Jr. and many more.