Kaity Gee is a freshman at New York University, pursuing degrees in Liberal Studies, Psychology, and Creative Writing. Only eighteen, she has already been making a splash in the creative writing world, winning twenty-three regional and two national Scholastic Writing Awards, in addition to other regional and national awards in only the past two years. Kaity's work has previously been published in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Sweet: A Literary Confection and in American Library of Poetry's anthology, Eloquence. Writing has been an integral part of her life: words have changed Kaity's life, whether it be on the pages of a classic or her own sprawled onto the parallel veins of an open notebook. She hopes her words breathe life in you. She hopes her words leave you breathless.

Kaity Gee


"I am playing hide-and-seek with ghosts." — André Breton It's that sugar-rush, candy cane, nothing-we-can't-do phase of the relationship and I am missing your lips. I can still feel them, hot in the negative space around mine, lingering on my paper crane collarbones. Your grip, melded into the nook of my waist; gaze, engrained into my brain. Your ghost nips at my nose — I see him in the corners I forget to look in.

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