Hannah Cohen's first story was "The Ant and the Sandwich Race". Other famous works include "Glamorella the Cool Cat", the novelization of the movie Home Alone, "Katie and the Bully", and the short story collection "Bump On A Log Stories". She's also the author of the "Anna Coco" books. — Kit Cohen

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Hannah Cohen

like someone driving away from her problems

after C.D Wright
kinda a mess but more than decent the same unfurling rope never enough to ignore and she drifts on like an argonaut made of paper leaves everything pretends to anyway even god doesn't believe in the rusty jesus-saves signs can't save her from living without landmark or companion the road a black snake beheaded it's not real the in and out most days brake and soft skin clutch as chimera entire parts but never herself or her future an object what happens when found too late an arm's length from the past fear of being dragged back to her a forfeit spinning top her car a chrysalis you could see through the mountains immovable in their blue

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