Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue Two

31 January 2014

For the past six years, we have had the pleasure of publishing Glass: A Journal of Poetry. The journal has been a labor of love. We have released fourteen issues and three themed sections. We have published hundreds of poems by more poets that we can count. We've published established poets, emerging poets and poets who were seeing their work released for the first time. Our poets have come to us from around the world. We've also had the pleasure of watching the careers of the Glass poets soar. We've celebrated as they have released chapbooks and books, won awards and grants, graduated with advanced degrees and found jobs teaching the next generation of writers. We've been humbled as our little journal has been celebrated in reviews, in Sundress Publications' Best of the Net Anthology, on weblogs, in Verse Daily and more. Glass and the poets we've been lucky enough to bring to the world have surpassed our wildest expectations. And so it is with sad hearts that we announce that this issue, Volume Six Issue Two, will be our last issue. We love Glass but we must acknowledge the amount of work it takes to keep it going. And, as is the case with the editors of most independent literary journals, Glass is only one of many projects in which we are involved. As our busy lives get more busy, as our hectic careers get more hectic, we know we cannot offer the time and energy necessary to ensure Glass continues to maintain it's excellence. We owe this to our poets and to our readers. We are now taking the steps to ensure the work we have published remains available. The details of this are still being worked out but we want to make our commitment to our poets clear: we will make sure your work stays published and stays available for your readers. We want to thank all the poets who have sent us amazing poems over the past six years. Without them, there never would have been a journal. We want to thank all the poets whose work we wished we could have included but were unable. We want to thank all the readers who have taken the time to stop by and check us out, read a few lines, and then tell their friends. We want to thank everyone who help spread the word about our little journal. Without your efforts, no one would have known we were here. Thank you for your brilliant words. Thank you for your love of poetry. Thank you for your encouragement of this project. Thank you for six great years. Thank you. Sincerely, Holly Burnside & Anthony Frame editors, Glass: A Journal of Poetry