Glass Poetry Press

Volume One Issue Three

Robert Hastings

Those Weekday Nights When I Am Truly Lucky

Miranda's a busy girl, works for The Blaze taking pictures of everything: mountains clovers baseballs bus stops. She has penpals in Portland, Boston and Freeport, takes sailboat lessons on Shepherd Lake. A smart woman; stays away from the clubs and the bottle and men; beats me at scrabble every time we play. And she's ambitious wants to sky dive, play the market, stitch her own polyester curtains. And on those weekday nights when I am truly lucky — she'll swing by and we'll shower together using a bar of soap she carved herself. And she'll curl into me and we'll unwind together by making shadow puppets on the wall; dogs and swans and snakes she makes me promise to defend her if any of them find a way to slither into the house.