Saquina Karla C. Guiam is from General Santos City, Philippines. Her work has appeared in The Fem Lit Mag, The Rising Phoenix Review, Scrittura Magazine, Dulcet Quarterly, and others. She is the Roots nonfiction editor of Rambutan Literary and the Social Media Manager of Umbel & Panicle.

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Saquina Karla C. Guiam


When I was three moons old, Father took
the pages of a dictionary and made them into daggers.

He opened my mouth and fed me blades
in the shape of a script I learned was the Prophet’s tongue.

In low light, I scared the neighborhood kids. They tell their parents about me:
the strange girl and her toys and the shimmer of teeth.

Their parents never believed them, as adults wont do
when faced with truth from young eyes.

Time dulled the kris in my mouth, made me soft all over.
The moon and the sea often called to me—whispered questions in my ear

in the hush of witching hours, asked
when are you coming home?

I gave up fish scales and tail, surrendered serpent fangs,
no longer thirsting for the sky’s mercurial hanged coin.

The stories will tell you how the mists
of city lights took me away.

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