Alyse Bensel's poems have most recently appeared or are forthcoming in The Adroit Journal, Zone 3, Quarterly West, New South, Bone Bouquet, and elsewhere. She is the author of the poetry chapbooks Not of Their Own Making (dancing girl press) and Shift (Plan B Press) and serves as the Book Reviews Editor at The Los Angeles Review. A PhD candidate in creative writing at the University of Kansas, she lives in Lawrence.

Alyse Bensel

Your Eye Is A Red Dwarf Planet

and the cornea a black hole already in reverse. The veins are rivers coursing tissue continents. A small sun near the surface tries to burst out. When you sleep that planet pulses, enveloped by a dark atmosphere. I don't want you to forget that in this metaphor the planet, the eye, are dying.

This poem was written after my optometrist told me that I have congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigmented epithelium. CHRPE manifests through unusual but benign lesions known as "bear tracks" (yes, they really do look like animal paw prints). I kept on returning to how planetary my retina appeared in the scan, and began obsessing over other retinal images.

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