Olivia Hu is the Editor-In-Chief of Venus Mag and author of the chapbook Ocean's Children (Platypus Press, December 2016). Her work is forthcoming or has been published in Red Paint Hill, Eunoia Review, Cadaverine, Track Four, and more.

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Olivia Hu

Recollection of Animalism

after Caroline O’Connor Thomas Here's what I know: every second skin peels everything bleeds in layers / God finds scabs after they've spooled to sky / I know hunger as a slow thing stitching teeth to bones / and what about the body: how easy to shift primal & swallow black tongues & sand away lips / do you want to run / as in do you want to press bodies, count all the hollow voids & finger them further? / I don't play games well but truth or dare, let's smash teeth against teeth / in your teeth: drawstring insides waiting fences / I pull rawhide over shoulders but it's always the same ending / Us carrying rinsed footsteps us leaving bloodied / Our backpacks spitting stomach acid & shadows.

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