Nikoletta Nousiopoulos published "all the dead goats" in 2010 with Little Red Tree Publishing. Some of her poetry has appeared in Pioneertown Literary Journal, Thin Noon, Meadowland Review, Connecticut River Review, and others. She works as an adjunct professor of writing at Mitchell College, Three Rivers Community College, and Johnson & Wales University.

Nikoletta Nousiopoulos

the daisy boat

I build the boat with daisy stems and sail into the water I have avoided. I must trust the flower will deliver me before I change course, jump, or sink. If I can be calm, and not leap off the bow, the petals will loosen my grip or abandon me, or bury me in the shell I arose from. Aphrodite and her nymphs are my envies. I hide my beauty in places less pure where there are rarely any pearls.

"the daisy boat" was written for a college friend who suffered from sexual abuse. She always wore flowers in her hair, and gave me dandelions as mementos of friendship. We shared a love for Shakespeare and walks in nature. The theme of the poem is "beauty," but beauty that is not recognized or acknowledged by the speaker. The poem was my way of telling her, "I hear you."

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