Ana Prundaru is a Romanian-born writer and artist, based in Zurich. Recent work is featured in Litro, Watershed Review, Calyx, Kyoto Journal, Cha and 3:AM. Her chapbook of found poems is available from SOd Press. Another poetry chapbook will be released by Dancing Girl Press later this year.

September 28, 2016

Ana Prundaru

Taking the Unfinished Apart

we are not here the books carry our names all things rooms were not we turned to sunsets and meadowed parasitic feather lamps we blended into a peach tree country nobody noticed sprouting paradoxes beneath red paper sunflowers we came home from school and tossed the books in the doorway swapped them for colorful chalk yellow was most treasured all things accidents were not we turned to accessories almost not noticing the borrowed lives passing through anemic words in precious stones laughter packed neatly in paper planes a symphony of street dogs accompanied us queens and kings between ragged blocks everyone was faking their trajectory

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