Julie Brooks Barbour is the author of two full-length collections, Haunted City (2017) and Small Chimes (2014), both from Kelsay Books. Her most recent chapbook, Beautifully Whole, was published by Hermeneutic Chaos Press in 2015. She is co-editor of Border Crossing and Poetry Editor at Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, and teaches writing at Lake Superior State University.

Also by Julie Brooks Barbour: Haunted City Small Chimes Beautifully Whole

Julie Brooks Barbour


You never meant to call the birds but they answered. They battered the ice on the window, then like nothing happened, settled in a dormant tree and pecked the branches. You remember that knocking for days afterward, not a tap but a sound close to a bang, rapid and echoing through the room, the same as your wanting that leaves no trail but hums in your ears, always remembered, close to catastrophic. What sound now at the window? Birds perch outside in a birch tree, fluttering and shaking snow from their feathers.

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