Sarah Ghoshal
"Instructions for How to be (Mostly) Happy"

jacklyn janeksela
"carpenter: the female body"

Saba Husain
"The Artificial Lake"

Brendan Walsh
"Manatee and Her Mating Herd"

Kirsten Hemmy
"Still Life: Mother with Alzheimer's"

David Koehn
"$10,000 Pyramid Sonnet"

Danèlle Lejeune
"Crack of Kuu"

Stephen Furlong

Martha Silano
"Yes, of course"

Hannah Cohen
"like someone driving away from her problems"

Michael Kocinski
"Sacrament of Baptism"

Andrea England
"Winter, First Loss"

Jessica L. Walsh
"I'm Pretty Much Done Here"

Leah Umansky
"Stranger Is"

Anna Szilagyi
"Chronic Bored Face"

Megan Merchant
"Making Soap"

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