Glass Poetry Press

Volume One Issue Two

Samuel S. Vargo


Eleise has a fotofone That's black & blue & red all over Just like those old stupid jokes Your older cousin Ripped off when you were Smoking up in his loft bedroom While your aunt and mom Drank instant and looked out the kitchen window. Between sighs Those two old girls lived their holistic childhoods In one afternoon, Just like they did each week All weak kneed from their factory jobs And uncles who loved drink More than them Were oftentimes the target Between episodic moments Between teenage fancies & pregnancies Taboo movements like some psycho genius Opera director wrote the whole damn life scenario For your mom, your aunt, your future wife and the card games You had at the old Knights of Columbus hall Between 3-9-1981 and now. I have a fotofone Made of Styrofoam & I take it out and polish it Whenever Xmas times hit Like broken hearts In a blizzard.