Kristen Brida is an MFA poetry candidate at George Mason University and is the assistant editor for So to Speak. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Lockjaw Magazine, Bone Bouquet, Whiskey Island, Hobart, REALITY BEACH, and JENNY. She tweets @kissthebrida.

Kristen Brida


richard butler, 2014, oil on linen blurs as catatonia. waxy white skin smeared across the face, the light hits her in cycles like a moon. one eye untouched as the birds fall around her like snow. the hands unseen, but imagine them open as if they wait for a prayer and a dove cradles there. if you stop the dead things in motion, they look like moths and her face just a soap scum moon, waning over no earth.

This poem is an ekphrastic of a woman in a portrait series by Richard Butler. I imagined if this painting were animated, it would be in slow motion, where place & self are blending, falling, disintegrating. I just felt this overpowering lethargy and surrender as I looked at the white streaks across the woman's face, one eye just looking downwards.

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