Glass Poetry Press

Volume Two Issue Two

Stephen A. Rozwenc

now that a nonviolent revolution is truly needed

two crystalline pure du jour hippie sisters named integrity and compassion dash together into the middle of a crowded city street twirl and prance sashaying nonchalantly between broken white crosswalk lines smoky astral brains braless tie-die titties and seashell earrings bombulating and pinwheeling turning land mines into late afternoon chocolate cake and missile launchers into box lunches to be sampled next to dreamy cornfields and mystical cow pastures their bathtub watering troughs rubbed like magic ants for genetic serenity and if that is not enough irresistible frontal lobe stroking to rescue all of us they'll boogaloo and shimmy bellbottomed riffs at the CVS storefront as they peer deeply into cherubic gold/blue skies swimming with Israeli jet fighters that are really butterfly kisses and just as bodacious curtsey and whirl as they twirl main street tanks and banks into sumptuous condos for homeless HIV Zen masters — those blasé street corner poets that used to be stock brokers haunted by the eerie saxophone aria that twists and curls lonely parking lots into insidious rain forest plots to take over the whorl