In spite of the fact that Jessica had pacifist parents she was born on Veterans Day. In spite of the fact that I urged her to pursue lucrative work she chose education. In spite of the fact that I was concerned writing would not be fulfilling — she wrote, and is a published writer. In spite of the fact that I didn't see how she could get a job with a PhD in Brit Lit she now she is a college professor. In spite of the fact that I was worried about her balancing job, writing, marriage, and motherhood … She does it and makes it seem easy. In spite of me, Jessica is a wonderful person, although an oddball, who is my best friend. — Connie Walsh

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Jessica L. Walsh

I'm Pretty Much Done Here

Odds are, we won't know it's time to say things like repent or cometh not even a see you later or sorry as we flip from hot bath to boiled, click from doomed to doom. We will suck in our last air too late for wise words or admission that there were signs, oh, lord, so many — Let our garbage bear witness to our lives as garbage, our t-shirt piles to the failures of our names. We'll leave organic bone broth along with our bones, our bodies turning superfood. A lone batteried device will keep going until its last warning beep sounds the all-clear to other life. We can hope our dogs adapt, keep the memory of our few better moments. We were not all bad always, and not good enough.

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