I can think of few things in life more satisfying than seeing your child realize their dreams. Sarah's love of the written word began at an early age and continues to grow as is evidenced in this poem, all of her writing and her chosen profession. She is a compassionate, professional teacher who amazes all around her with her abilities. Sarah is now a mother herself and handles herself with grace and patience as she passes her passion to her children. On this Mothers Day and all to come, I am proud to call her my daughter. — Theresa Conover

Sarah Ghoshal

Instructions for How to be (Mostly) Happy

When on a walk with no destination or multiple ways to go, always go the prettiest path. Who cares if you get your feet wet? Call a friend in another Country. Marvel at time distance and technology, see yourself on their couch, sightseeing the day away with crisp white wine. Leave your phone in the car by mistake. Unearth the thoughts of a child, unpacking color, love, light, smart yellow giant curiosity. Pay attention to the happiest news in the lives of others. Study their genuine smiles. Imagine the swelling of well-being and experience that must proceed such unabashed, imperfect joy Remember to appreciate feet on the couch on a Saturday morning and a sticky, almond Danish.

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