Sandra Kolankiewicz's poems have most recently appeared in Per Contra, Prairie Schooner, Bellingham Review, Prick of the Spindle, Blaze Vox, Atticus, and New World Writing.

Sandra Kolankiewicz

Quick Study

If I melt this rock which has crushed that rock, I might get glass or iron, trail predators for what they leave behind, not homo sapiens but hyena, most human dog of all. What can you expect from pages written by people who want above all else to be forgiven? Since diagnoses have been handed out, we’re all afraid. My breasts give up; your problem is the colon though more than twenty years ago I tried to warn you. We are both losing our bones. As dense stone will wear away weak composite, so thoughts compete with one another, thinning the less helpful through contact, like knife blades losing their edge in the silverware rack as grades of steel collide.

Lost & Found is published by Glass Poetry Press as part of Glass: A Journal of Poetry. This project publishes work that was accepted by journals that ceased publication before the work was released.
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