Anika Prakash is a rising high school junior and the editor-in-chief of Red Queen Literary Magazine. Her poetry has been recognized by the Adroit Journal and Writers' Theatre of New Jersey and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Platypus Press, Noble Gas Qtrly, Hobart, The Ellis Review, Halo Lit Mag, and deLuge, among others.

Anika Prakash


In the dark opal of the forest, I wake and am given two names: cathedral and lantern Both of these I do not understand: both heavy on my tongue both burning up around my feet — but I have already chosen and cannot be rechristened so easily. I pluck leaves and long to fold them over my tongue but they simmer and then singe as I tear them from the stem. I blanch my fingers clean and yet I still cannot touch without reinhabiting myself: camphor, camphene — lantern cathedral I still cannot escape what was once bestowed upon me.

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