Amy Kotthaus is a writer, translator, painter, and photographer. Her poetry has been published in Ink in Thirds, Yellow Chair Review, Haiku Journal, Gnarled Oak, and Section 8. Her photography has been published in Storm Cellar, Ground Fresh Thursday, Crab Fat Magazine, Quantum Fairy Tales, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and Digging Through the Fat. Her painting has been published in Wierderary.

Amy Kotthaus

The Goddess Weds

Reasons leave your mouth, cold Egyptian ash, into the air a moment, blisters on her face. Her thankless hands took an ivory handled knife to hair and hid the trophy locks in that lacquered box you purchased with gold, so dear, a pretty shrine to lay to rest girlish tokens — bare feet running muddy spring trails; untied hair; quiver on the banks; pure mountain water on her breasts. The virgin is domesticated but for the wild sound of owl wings thumbing a deckle edge.

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