Micah Goodrich (he/him) has a sun in Cancer, a Virgo ascendant, and a Capricorn moon. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut where his research focuses on the rhetoric of erotics and ideologies of labor in Middle English literature. Micah translates poetry from medieval vernaculars such as Old English and Old Norse.

Micah Goodrich


there is nothing quite as suffocating as a night sky. that timeless swagger to the edge of wherever, a night sky is still pitch in the daylight, the god of shuteye and prayer, alarm clocks and whatever is under the bed. nox is the land of bored whispers, self-created tedium littered with specs of hope. some origin story explosion that settled into indifference. i would like to stop repeating myself to the stars.

This poem was written around 3:32 am after waking from a dream where everything disappears.

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