Hyejung Kook
"Death Meditations"

Bernard Ferguson
"for the call to comcast"

Andrea Blancas Beltran

Micah Goodrich

Rochelle Harris
"tracking (love)"

Liz Flint-Somerville
"I (Heart) Roadkill Drones"

Natalie Solmer
"Floral Lady: Winter"

Donna Vorreyer
"The Lost Art of Giving Up"

Nikoletta Nousiopoulos
"the daisy boat"

Kristina Mottla
"All These Homes along the Roads"

Lost & Found:

Emari DiGiorgio
"When a Fetus Turns to Stone"

Kristen Rouisse

Stephen Wardell
"How to Get New Parents and Not Die"

Geoff Anderson

Lori Lamothe
"Three Poems"

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