Hannah Schneider is a Ball State University graduate. She has been previously published in The Broken Plate, Lady/Liberty/Lit, and has a forthcoming essay with VIDA. She is the founder and director of thread and currently works as an intern for Catapult.

Hannah Schneider

Dating Takes Courage

an erasure of Louis C.K.'s stand up It's a selection precess how we choose a nice thing. You I'm always happy you know? courage, male courage, is that he decided to ask. body telling "just go fuck jerk off. he said, "hi. Yes," And she's like, " " no, no, no. Sometimes she'll say yes, say yes say yes I imagine A woman counts on them doing it no greater threat than the threat the worst thing that ever happens to one whole heart dude, I can't do this. I told you no women still — get in car with tiny shoulders with death, a guy a half-bear, half-lion like, "I hope this one's nice. I hope he doesn't do what he's going to do."

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