Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue One
Special Feature: The Poetry of Aurora House

Kristi Frazier

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

My mother's back yard in the summer is the most beautiful place on earth to me. I feel this way mostly because my family is always gathered there. We just love to go sit on the deck, fill up the "family size" pool and just relax. My sister and I both have two children. She has girls and I have boys. The kids and my father are always horsing around and laughing. My dad with them is one of the memories I go to on a daily basis to help me relax. When I think of all of us there, I can almost feel the sun on my skin. I can hear them laughing and being loud. My mom is always smiling there, too. I just have always felt so much joy when I think of my mom's back yard. I hope they never move and that my mom keeps planting her flowers and vegetables. I have a feeling that we will always keep gathering there.