Kristina Mottla's poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, Hartskill Review, The Airgonaut, Barnstorm, Poetry Quarterly, Ghost Parachute, The Raintown Review, Potomac Review, and elsewhere. Find her on Twitter: @kristina_mottla.

Kristina Mottla

All These Homes along the Roads

If home lives in the heart then why dream of blue clapboard siding, windows with its eyes upon the sea for breakfast. Where love sits an Escher sketch within the frames. * Open air brushed like salve on the neck stars crawl in as early hominids bright as city lights dust and dreams in oak drawers * All these homes along the roads go up steady and fit, wood, nails, cement, screws, hammers, wires, spit-sweat-blood, more tools for forcing parts together, or patching, or slipping them in, breaking, taking them apart, the horizon a ruler holding its ground, the walls splotched and nicked and never the same despite looking the same, despite holding us in. * Watch the frames straighten like spindly legs, gathering meat on their bones. Watch the houses like heads shiver bald under sun. Watch the people in windows gaze, slump, kiss, hug. Watch the heads hit clouds. Rocks. Minerals.

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