The Recommended Reading series is the annual list of Glass editor, Anthony Frame's, favorite poems from the year.

Recommended Reading: 2016

Kaveh Akbar. "Portrait Of The Alcoholic With Moths And River" from Thrush Poetry Journal. Ivy Alvarez. "​Langit ang buhay" from Foundry. Eloisa Amezcua. "Texaco, Texaco" from Prelude. E. Kristin Anderson. "Without Heads, Living Statues" from Nashville Review. Fatimah Asghar. "Ways I Am Tired" from The Adroit Journal. Chaun Ballard. "What Would You Say If You Were Tamir Rice & You Had Two Seconds—" from Rattle. Rosebud Ben-Oni. "And All the Songs We Are Meant to Be" from The Shallow Ends. Jennifer Jackson Berry. "Mother's Ghost" from Stirring. Anuradha Bhowmik. "Elegy 1998" from Nashville Review. Laura Bylenok. "Homologue" from Linebreak. Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello. "On the Corner of Commodore and Main" from Connotations Press. Chen Chen. "I am reminded via email to resubmit my preferences for the schedule" from Poem-A-Day. Su Cho. "Tangerine Trees & Little Bags of Sugar" from Thrush Poetry Journal. Franny Choi. "& O, bright star of disaster, I have been lit" from The Paris-American. Steven Chung. "Morse Code" from Milk Journal. Tiana Clark. "A Psalm For The One" from The Adroit Journal. Adam Clay. "Poem Beginning With a Line From Darwish" from The Shallow Ends. Emily Rose Cole. "Four Poisons" from Tinderbox Poetry Journal. Eduardo C. Corral. "Border Patrol Agent" from New Republic. Jasmine Cui. "Out of Water" from The Shallow Ends. Laura Da'. "Land Colic" from Waxwing Literary Journal. Natalie Diaz. "Manhattan is A Lenape Word" from Lennh. Saddiq Dzukogi. "I Check My Husband's Black Skin And Remember To Call My Son" from HEArt Online. Natalie Eilbert. "Black Tourmaline" from Foundry. Joshua Jennifer Espinoza. "On Planet Earth We Touch Ourselves" from The Blueshift Journal. Vievee Francis. "Everywhere And Here Too" from The Blueshift Journal. Siaara Freeman. "Urban Girl & The (Urban) Urban Legend" from Milk Journal. Roy G. Guzmán. "Arthur's Spelling Trubble" from Up the Staircase Quarterly. ​Sara Henning. "The Truths Only Starlings Will Speak" from Thrush Poetry Journal. Anna Maria Hong. "Fix the Sphinx" from Quarterly West. Luther Hughes. "broken sonnet for osteoarthritis" from The James Franco Review. Paige Lewis. "The Foxes are Back" from The Shallow Ends. Ada Limón. "The Leash" from Poem-A-Day. Ashley Mares. "Breaking" from Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal. David Tomás Martinez. "The Art of the Vigilante" from Tinderbox Poetry Journal. Adrian Matejka. "Strange Celestial Roads" from Poem-A-Day. Lo Kwa Mei-en. "The Stone Cold Rule" from The Adroit Journal. Caits Meissner. "Mostly Water" from The Adroit Journal. Sarah Frances Moran. "La sirena ("the mermaid")" from Crab Fat Magazine. Hera Naguib. "Brother" from Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal. Christine Nguyen. "​(Vietnamese) American" from Sundog Lit. Susan Nguyen. "​Spring Melt" from Boxcar Poetry Review. Matthew Olzmann. "Letter Beginning with Two Lines by Czesław Miłosz" from Poem-A-Day. Emilia Phillips. "On Receipt of a Dick Pic" from Muzzle Magazine. Christine Potter. "Teaching My Goddaughter About Turkey Buzzards" from Stirring. Nicole Rollender. "How to Stop Drowning" from Muzzle Magazine. Natasha Sajé. "palliative" from Green Linden. sam sax. "Description for Police" from Linebreak. Michael Schmeltzer. "Song Of Wet, Song Of Dry" from Stirring. Staci R. Schoenfeld. "Before the Quiet, the Storm" from Thrush Poetry Journal. Safiya Sinclair. "A Bell, Still Unrung" from Poem-A-Day. Danez Smith. "It Doesn't Feel Like A Time To Write" from Buzzfeed Reader. Maggie Smith. "Good Bones" from Waxwing Literary Journal. Danielle Susi. "Black fossil in a slab of shale" from The Boiler. Leah Umansky. "Lonely is a Hard Word to Use in a Poem" from Thrush Poetry Journal. Mai Der Vang. "I Am the Whole Defense" from Poem-A-Day. Ocean Vuong. "Trevor" from Buzzfeed Reader. Candace Williams. "Commute" from Foundry. Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib. "Just Like That, A New Black Child Is Born To Replace The Buried One" from The Adroit Journal. Jane Wong. "When You Died" from Foundry.

Recommended Reading: 2015

Kazim Ali. "Earthquake Days." from Poetry Magazine. Arlene Ang and Valerie Fox. "Scarecrow Lists of Failures and Grocery Items." from Thrush Poetry Journal. Julie Brooks Barbour. "Fragmented." from Stirring. Ace Boggess. "I Don't Know Why You Still Care, But Do You?" from The Pedestal Magazine. Maari Carter. "Homemade Sin." from Sundog Lit. Sara Biggs Chaney. "St. Eugenia Declares Her Allegiances." from Thrush Poetry Journal. Kazumi Chin. "Bruce Lee's Fist is Cut Open by a Glass Bottle." from Boxcar Poetry Review. Franny Choi. "Bedtime Story." from The Journal. Adam Clay. "Biography at the Speed of Light." from Tupelo Quarterly. Tasha Cotter. "Solar." from Superstition Review. Lisa Fay Coutley. "Researchers Find Mice Pass On Trauma To Subsequent Generations" and "Delayed Communique from Poet to Astronaut." from KR Online. Annie Diamond. "Self-Portrait in the Bed of a Stranger." from The Fem. Anna Finn. "When my sister tells me she doesn't believe in god anymore." from Boxcar Poetry Review. Ariel Francisco. "Post Hurricane, Miami." from The Boiler. Jennifer Ghivan. "Bird Woman." from The Boiler. Elise Hempel. "Mosaic." from Valparaiso Poetry Review. Sara Henning. "The Things of the World Go On Without Us." from Quarterly West. Allison Joseph. "Night Watch for Traveling Husband." from Whale Road Review. Les Kay. "Self-Portrait as Gallery Opening." from Superstition Review. Athena Kildegaard. "Turkey Hen." from Up The Staircase Quarterly. Tricia Knoll. "Walking into the Shadows of Ashford Forest." from Up the Staircase Quarterly. EJ Koh. "Leaning on Heaven." from Boxcar Poetry Journal. EJ Koh. "Paradise." from Midway Journal. Debora Kuan. "Teen Ghost." from Blue Lyra Review. Peter LaBerge. "Testimony (Eclipse)." from Linebreak. Katie Manning. "Sex & Santa." from Stirring. Caits Meissner. "M A N I F E S T O for my homegirls." from The Fem. Anna Meister. "Trigger." from The Adroit Journal. Kathryn Merwin. "Empress (The Diviner)." from The Blueshift Journal. Jennifer Met. "Talisman." from Sleet Magazine. Carly Joy Miller. "Why You Tried to Drown." from Memorious. Rosalie Moffett. "Weird Prayers." from Blackbird. T.A. Noonan. "Three Poems from The Ep[is]odes: a reformation of Horace." from Split Lip Magazine. Sarah Rose Nordgren. "Kindling." from The Adroit Journal. Hieu Minh Nguyen. "White Boy Time Machine: Instructional Manual." from Devil's Lake. Sharon Olinka. "Becoming Donkey Lady." from The Drunken Boat. Patty Paine. "Antiphony." from Thrush Poetry Journal. Jennifer Richter. "I Find Myself Shelved between Rich and Rilke." from Thrush Poetry Journal. Linda Rodriguez. "Crow Mother (for Frida Kahlo)." from The Pedestal Magazine. Nicole Rollender. "Labor." from Stirring. Gianna Russo. "Old Orange Avenue." from Gulf Stream. Whitney Schultz. "Lot's Wife Speaks." from ELKE Journal. Brittney Scott. "Faith in Love and Quantum Physics." from Linebreak. Danez Smith. "So I guess it won't be a bullet." from Linebreak. Melissa Stein. "Semaphore." from Memorious. Alison Stine. "Dear Weather." from The Rumpus. Talin Tahajian. "Dream sequence for birds." from Boxcar Poetry Review. Adam Tavel. "On a Biographical Pamphlet of Luther Ladd, First Martyr of the Civil War, Who Died During the 1861 Baltimore Riot." from Valparaiso Poetry Review. Rhiannon Thorne. "See How the Hurtsickle Stays." from The Pedestal Magazine. Ocean Vuong. "Someday I'll Love Ocean Vuong." from The New Yorker.