Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue One
Featured Theme: Rebirth

Arthur Plotnik

Horse-Chestnut in Rut

When March undoes her sweater the horse chestnut on our street goes rampant, oozing with resin, aching to explode its swollen buds. And when the sap-crazed tree lets go, albino shoots crack their bud scales, emerging like hell-bent legions of marauders on white chargers. Tulips, snowdrops, daffodils, the ordinary harbingers of spring, draw our notice in days that follow until the moment we glance skyward and see what our street tree has been up to as we fussed at pansies and perennials, paid our taxes, washed our windows: White spikes the size of cockatoos have erupted from the shoots; panicles of blossoms stand erect; leaflets splay like hands about to seize the baseball season's first line drive.