Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue One
Featured Theme: Rebirth

Danny Nettleton

When Lazarus Died

When Lazarus died the second time, it was not such a cruel and bitter shock. Though Mary had long since wandered off to follow her new Way, Martha was there, right up until the end. Every day she helped him in and out of bed, feeding him meals in front of the warm sunlit window where she would place fresh flowers, though he could no longer smell them and they seemed to his weak eyes like dim shadows through darkened glass. Bethany glittered gold in the dazzling sunlight, he mumbled to her once: "either no miracle lasts forever or they all do." She smiled and wiped his chin. When at last they rolled the stone over the black open mouth of his tomb, she was too worn to wail. She had them leave it slightly ajar. Just in case.