Rosebud Ben-Oni
"Editor's Note"

Vivian Faith Prescott
"Ukiuq — Become Winter"

Lupe Mendez
"Prayer of a Workhorse"

Lupe Mendez
"Cryogenic Kids"

Claire Wahmanholm
"The Last Animals"

Madeleine Wattenberg
"An Inventory of Margaret Cavendish's Laboratory"

Margaryta Golovchenko

Noah Cain
"top of the east end bridge"

Hanna Andrews
"For the Break"

Kathleen Hellen
"Inside the Eye of the Narcissus"

Tara Betts
"High Fidelity"

Tara Betts
"Count Eggs"

Elisa Gonzalez
"After the Ice Storm"

Sam Pittman
"Mostly Water"

Sam Pittman

Hila Ratzabi
"Imaginary Arctic"

Hila Ratzabi
"But now the stark dignity of entrance"

Devin Kelly
"Running from House to Yard & Back"

Erin Lyndal Martin
"Pickering Wharf"

Glass Extras:

Poets Resist:

Devin Kelly
"Daily Life"

Addison Namnoum
"We Too Have Crossed"

Special Announcements:

During the months of September, October, and November, the Glass Chapbook sales donations will go to The National Immigration Justice Center. #SaveDACA.

From the Archives:

2017 Pushcart Prize Nominations Bernard Ferguson "and Batman never came back to my island" Hannah Cohen "Resurrection" Hyejung Kook "Death Meditations" Anita Olivia Koester "Constellation with False Moon" Topaz Winters "Trigger" Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick "The Brain Like An Orchestra That Can Play Many Tunes" (forthcoming in the December issue)

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