Catherine Chambers received her degree in poetry from Goddard College's low-residency BFA program in Vermont. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in femrag lit mag, Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, The Indianola Review, Third Point Press, and the single best summer of her life was spent at the Tin House Summer Workshop. Catherine lives in New York City with her dog, Bob Dylan, where she teaches fitness.

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Catherine Chambers

Hush Hush

I scoop the secrets out of his mouth and let them harden on the tip of my finger. I curl them like ribbons. I throw them like dice. Snake eyes. Irises. Nipples. Polaris and Sirius. I can follow his secrets like a sailor with a map of the stars. They are the consistency of cough syrup and drip into my ear. I open my nightstand drawer and wonder what I should do with all of these secrets now that I've stashed them away for winter. Some get poured in my coffee, stirred and drank deeply. Some just sit quietly with themselves, unobtrusively watch me sleep night after night, stare at the side of my face like the most tender lover or the most vigilant Peeping Tom breathlessly awaiting the removal of a bra through floral print drapes. I drop my bra to the floor and expose everything because I am the only one here and without anything to hide.

Lost & Found is published by Glass Poetry Press as part of Glass: A Journal of Poetry. This project publishes work that was accepted by journals that ceased publication before the work was released.
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