Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue One
Special Feature: The Poetry of Aurora House

About Aurora House

Aurora House, located in a renovated mansion in Toledo, Ohio, is a structured transitional home that provides a safe haven for women and their children as they work to overcome many challenges, including substance abuse problems, homelessness, and domestic violence. The house employs a number of staff whose goals are to assist women and their children as they take their first steps into their new lives. The house offers many of the comforts of home, such as ample living spaces, home-style meals, and recreational opportunities. Weekly itineraries and personal schedules aid residents in setting and meeting short and long term goals, and a number of programs, including parenting classes, fitness and nutrition education, relapse-prevention programs, financial management programs, and computer and life skills training, prepare women for the next phase of their lives. Aurora offers women the opportunity for achievement and empowerment. It is a safe, caring environment where women can learn, heal and grow. — Stephanie McVicker and Jennifer McElvain Remarks "Aurora House is a new hope for my sons and I. It is a second chance. It's a safe place. My mother says she can sleep at night … My sobriety comes first in this house, and that is my first priority right now. Today, I feel hope … I feel happy, safe and hopeful." — Kristi Frazier "The house is a blessing from God. It is a place to lay my head and eat three meals a day … The other girls at the house are there for one another. We are like a big family, sisters." — Kari Krise "This house is a blessing to me. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to stay here. This is a wonderful place to get your act together. It definitely gives you the time and direction you need to become able to live on your own responsibly and independently." — Starr Lehman "I have been at the house for almost two months. The staff has treated me as if I was their family. The house helps us girls with everything … they help us moms with birthday gifts for our children. The girls here are great. We all get along. It's like a sisterhood. This is a great place to come and get a second chance on life." — Jennifer Downes