Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue One
Special Feature: The Poetry of Aurora House

Jessica Cousino

The Chamber

I am afraid of going back Back into the deep, dark chamber Once you are in the chamber There is no escaping its thick, steel bars. The chamber is full of lies and secrets. Torment of my own mind. I harm the ones I love in the chamber. The world doesn't matter, days go by like ashes flying in the wind. I go mad in the chamber, the secrets and lies taunt me. The chamber calls to me in the dead silence "Just take one more" but in the chamber one is too many and a thousand is never enough. When I'm in the chamber I want to die. Today I don't go into the chamber. I choose golden rays of sunshine. I choose honesty and willingness. I crawled out of the chamber's torment. I am a good person outside of the chamber. My family wants to help me outside the chamber. I choose to live outside the chamber. I am afraid of going back.