Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue Two
Featured Theme: Great Lakes Poets

Steven Gibb

Pressure Gradient

Afloat, he explains the dark water, socked into hillsides Pressed into capillaries The gradient of paddles slicing droplets As seaweed undulates in the palms of our eyes The shared science of a thousand J-strokes Moonlit by translation One seed of a decade of fulfilling work With sprouts in canoe rides, nourished by rivets Slim and tall the reeds fan the curling shores A Bluish Heron, frozen in the fishline, freed by flame Off to a bird orphanage in Michael's arms Unthwarted, he swims against pressures A flashing equilibrium ahead The disciple-like years He lunges from a rope swing, now twined with another A scattering of light, the spinning rivulets Releasing now, no need for air