Levi Todd is a queer poet and witness to the Chicago Renaissance. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Reacting Out Loud, an independent organization devoted to uplifting poetry and affirming community in Muncie, Indiana. He is also a Reader for Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and has work published in thread, as well as anthologies from Blueshift Journal and Winter Tangerine.

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Levi Todd

Upon Finding A Photo App That Lets You Set A Filter Before You Take the Picture

Make this what you crave: mango wedges with chili powder, the kind that glisten like tarnished bells ringing in another hand-me-down summer. Wade through lakes of frigid algae; tell yourself it is a fountain of youth before you even get wet. Watch your tan bleed into the water, and reapply when you resurface. Expect dusk to shed the perfect light to frame your aging features, outsource the work when it is bashful. There is only so much warmth left before it’s lost, of course you would want to bottle it. Remember how as a child you cupped the sand in your small hands to bring home, how all of it trickled away before you even made it to the parking lot.

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