Ashley Miranda is a latinx poet from Chicago. Her work has been or will be featured in the Denver Quarterly, Lockjaw Magazine, CCM's "A Shadow Map", and other publications. She actively posts pictures of her cat on her twitter @dustwhispers.

Ashley Miranda

wicked wicker women

final lacerations / mimicry; fooled by tall graves for femme emotions; wisteria left at the base — you are a full frontal fornication — you are not the ageless glass stones battered against gums — blood as wisdom pulled from your sockets, placating some other paleness that creeps in some reflections. without a solution, you become entrapped, enraged and sallow. without a problem, you ring bells down mountainous motions. unsatiated, submerged gender, swilling and swashing with desire to pull down a beast, to be spurious and sinless. tie a notch around a woman, she'll burst into flames and take the town with her.

"wicked wicker woman": a poem of a woman's experience. a fluid experience of woman. no easy way to define "woman". sometimes, no need to.

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