Bernard Ferguson is a Bahamian native still learning to survive the Minnesota winters. He enjoys devoting his time to writing and performing, as well as volunteering at local poetry slams. He's the producer for the Minnesota local SPEAK Poetry Slam show, competed in the College Union's Poetry Slam Invitational in 2016 to represent the University of Minnesota, placed 6th at the Great Plains Poetry Pile Up in November, and has work featured and upcoming on Button Poetry.

Bernard Ferguson

and Batman never came back to my island

since that real sticky day / when the clouds fled the sky / and a large shadow of wings / parted the ocean / and the batmobile rolled up on the sand / and Bruce himself came out in shorts / with that white shit on his nose / and brought Alfred too / cause this here ain't the type of hood to save / just the type of hood that makes a good martini / the type of hood with enough heat for a tan / but not enough to sweat the night out / the type of hood with potholes/ that swallow the fathers that kiss salt / off the cheeks of their kids / and yeah, i made it to a funeral / or two / and whispered the names of the dead / only to have the ground beneath me disappear / and isn't this the funny thing about flight / with featherless wings? / cause we too screamed into the night / hoping to own it / hoping that grammy would come back / and grammy still gone / but we had the block party by her house anyway / and played calypso till our knees bent / till the house hummed along / and wrapped its arms around us / and told us there's enough food here / for everybody / told us we ain’t never gon' be cold again / told us we don't need saving / if we dip our hands / into the earth / for all the bodies / these streets ate in spring / so our fingertips could catch / a ghost in passing / for this is certainly our birthright / cause the sky will barely drip what you need / to make it through such a savage summer / but if you are truly hungry / you gotta stretch your wings across the dark night / and wring from the abyss / everything you deserve

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