Gallery Withheld

Jennifer Met
ISBN: 978-0-9975805-4-9
30 pages

Jennifer Met's Gallery Withheld is best described as an adventure — an experience that overtakes all of the senses. Yes, the words dance in delightful and unexpected ways. And yes, the page itself is made into a new machine, a vehicle for a grander experiment. But also, the language itself is an adventure. The imagery sharp: "the ground /tossing men / like so much / loose change." The pacing and narrative voice in the poems as strong and daring as the way the poems sit in front of the eyes. With this work, Met has crafted a thrilling, unique, one of a kind read. One that lingers and will sit with a reader for days and months after they finish.
— Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, author of The Crown Ain't Worth Much

Within Jennifer Met's Gallery Witheld the author turns each poem as if observing an object, writing each piece into fossilization and decay, memory and forgetting. Some poems scatter like bones, while others erect themselves as monuments; some demanding remembrance, others disintegration. Met's poems push against boundaries of physicality and chronology leading to moments when time collapses into a weaving path of lyric, body, and recollection. In this intimate study of portraiture and artifice "Moments crash. Nostalgia breaks and / I find myself watching."
— torrin a. greathouse, author of Therǝ is a Case That I ∀m

Jennifer Met's Gallery Withheld works with shape and space to carve out ideas and images set beside and aside from the words themselves. In this way, each piece becomes the blossom of a "passion for metaphor." In addition, this collection begins with death and then moves to Coming of Age. Is the sequence itself also a metaphor? Or is it "chaos … just / not meant for me or her / or my father in particular / but us all?" Gallery Withheld is a book to be read well as re-read and regarded. It's full of facets and focuses only really seen when re-seen.
— Kenyatta JP Garcia, author of Slow Living

Sample poem from Gallery Withheld:


please share why on our anniversary you make breakfast fresh squeezed juice and more kisses oh I say as our kitchen knife cutting the orange seeds in half
Cover by Bob Clyatt

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Jennifer Met lives in a small town in North Idaho with her husband and children. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee, a finalist for Nimrod's Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, and winner of the Jovanovich Award. Recent work is published or forthcoming in Gravel, Gulf Stream, Harpur Palate, Juked, Kestrel, Moon City Review, Nimrod, Sleet Magazine, Tinderbox, and Zone 3, among other journals.