August 3, 2016

LGBTQ Poets Respond to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Sofia Rose Smith

Dance Floor

What washes away when the blood first bursts from the gun wound?
What part of the Body leaves first?
What cells say "yes it's time to go" because there's just too much blood leak for the organs of you to work.
Your heart, for example, will stop.
Even though it was
fluttering from his tongue on your ear lobe just a moment ago
even though you were building sandcastles in your mind of where his hands would touch you next
and what kinds of yeses
he would make with his breath

The sounds begin
to bang around you and
for a second you think
it's someone
putting off firecrackers in the street or on
the dance floor.
Your favorite song is playing
the one you imagine yourself
making dance videos to in the car
but you don't need a video
cuz you have the dance floor and
you have your people
and a place that
lets you be whole

Imagine you're the Sky
like beyond the Earth
your Body is just skin
but you're so much bigger
Imagine you move beyond the
flesh now, like sound waves, like sound itself
you break open
like a cherry tomato
being punctured with a
sharp knife and pop
the liquid spills out, the seeds and the water
and there's just skin left
you try and catch the liquid but it
smears against the counter
and you've lost it.

And you've lost it.

Can I gather the liquid of you?
The blood of you?
Where does your blood end and his begin?
Where does my blood end
and yours begin?
Where does our humanity end and
yours begin?

You are Beyond all this.
You always have been.

Today, I ate soup.
I put my make-up on.
I wrote a poem.
I drank water. I burned sage.
I let myself be held.
I let the tears come.
I let myself sing to
your favorite songs and
pretended I was on
the dance floor with a lover for you.

Sofia Rose Smith is a queer femme of color poet, healer, intuitive guide and coach. She believes in uplifting the needs of women of color, queers and Black folks. She also believes that "we are the ones we've been waiting for" {thank you June Jordan}, and that now is the time for everything. Orlando was not the first — nor will it be the last — violence to shake our communities. We need each other. We need places to hold one another, grieve together, scheme together, write together, hope together. I'm about it, are you? If you're into magic, liberation, self-love and collective care, find Sofia at her website

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