Susan Milchman's poems have appeared in Rust + Moth, Rufous City Review, The Bakery, Icebox Journal, and elsewhere. Her poem "In Relation To" was selected by Dorianne Laux as a finalist in the Motionpoems contest Arrivals & Departures. She is currently working on her first chapbook, Not The Pretty Kind of Blue. She lives in Minneapolis by way of Washington, DC and holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

Susan Milchman

Her Aperture

I. in the dream i am animal. fetal on haunches of dampness & scream. laid bare. teeth. skin. marrow. i wake up in her quake. in her mist. clothes wet. body of paper. smoke. rain. II. the woman who pushed me out through her hips laced me up with a string of thunderstorms. left me with the coiled heat of an unbroken horse. i am a curled root in her castoff field rippling with reasons to leave. i bloom like a cage brimming with hands. grasping. everything in me needs to be fed.

Several years ago, I decided to search for my birth mother using some non-identifying information provided by the agency that facilitated my adoption. I embarked on this search with a fistful of faith, knowing there was no guarantee of a satisfying ending. The search resulted in colossal heartbreak and unexpected discoveries. I found myself struggling to navigate through a very primal kind of pain that can only be described as all-consuming. This poem was written during that time.

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