Lauren Camp is the author of three books, most recently One Hundred Hungers (Tupelo Press), which won the Dorset Prize. Her poems have appeared in Muzzle, At Length, Beloit Poetry Journal, Puerto del Sol, and as a Poem-a-Day for Other literary honors include the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award and prizes from RHINO and Western Humanities Review. She is a Black Earth Institute Fellow and the producer/host of "Audio Saucepan" on Santa Fe Public Radio.

Lauren Camp

Such Bowers of Surrender

Night is crouched low and cannot morning sometimes its outline the garbage empties itself When he says in the first shade of blue a blue I would not find again or when the coyote dens around back and alert lead to oak circle and wind-chamber we understand less is possible and our mouths hum with all gestures then liminal states of erasure The rough sketch of cold enters through our hands an hour and another and no one will say the future and we will stay still until the house leaks its prayers

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