Courtney LeBlanc is the author of the chapbook All in the Family (Bottlecap Press) and is an MFA candidate at Queens University of Charlotte. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in Public Pool, Rising Phoenix Review, The Legendary, Germ Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, Brain Mill Press, Haunted Waters Press, and others. She loves nail polish, wine, and tattoos.

Courtney LeBlanc


— for Kristin She tells me of yellow jackets trapped in baby jars, the glass smashed against the wall, the furious buzzing as they swarmed, the laughter behind her, the brother, the father. I picture her skin, angry welts blooming like roses on a warm spring. I want to press my lips to each sting, suck out the pain left behind. I want to bring her tiny jars of honey, teach her not every touch is pain, not every laugh is malice, not every buzz is fight.

I was talking to my beautiful friend Kristin and she mentioned her husband is helping her overcome her fear of buzzing insects; she has a fear of them due to childhood trauma and abuse. My heart ached about this — how wonderful her husband is and how cruel her abusers were. I wrote this poem as a result of that ache in my chest.

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