Bernard Ferguson is a Bahamian native still learning to survive the Minnesota winters. He enjoys devoting his time to writing and performing, as well as volunteering at local poetry slams. He's the producer for the Minnesota local SPEAK Poetry Slam show, competed in the College Union's Poetry Slam Invitational in 2016 to represent the University of Minnesota, placed 6th at the Great Plains Poetry Pile Up in November, and has work featured and upcoming on Button Poetry.

Bernard Ferguson

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i'm about to set this bitch of fire she tells me as she slaps her fingers against the keyboard on the brink of breaking the thing in half & ready to pick a fight with whatever rises from its ashes & the man in my ear is now teaching me about virtues & says sir, most of all, i think patience is key here & i hear his childhood in the spaces between his words & how he must have spent an endless summer on a porch with nothing to his name but the toys at his feet & i can see his glassy eyes turned toward the horizon & he is imagining how the sun's gold will split down the middle when the face of someone he thought was dead comes walking from the field & straight toward him & i am imagining this & i am understanding this but the wood is starting to chip on this house i paid my labor to find refuge in & i tell him time is eager to make a meal out of everything & he says he doesn't understand & i say i am drowning in silence and the faces of my loved ones are not enough to keep me awake

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