August 3, 2016

LGBTQ Poets Respond to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Siaara Freeman

Urban Girl Writes A Poem After She Hears About The Pulse OR
Her Heart Breaks & The Poem Splits In 2

I don’t know
what you stole. is still in my chest certainly something is missing w/o a trace I aint nothing of the rhythm-less hate ---- not to me my heart is a'skipping heavy as vengeance ---- scared to move every ripple connected to it threatened to
my heart? I checked. vanished. but that's a lie but evidence what happened of the bullet finding its way home this time. stone watching itself get chipped away --- scared not to move departing before it can see disappear
or sink
into something bottomless

Siaara Freeman is 26 years old, writes poems & is not sure if she is a poet or a necromancer. She is (for sure) a friendly neighborhood hope dealer. She is (for sure) a slytherin, The Lake Erie Siren & a Clapback enthusiast. She is a touring artist and has been published a few times. It's how she eats. She likes to eat. Her work appears in Tinderbox Journal, FreezeRay, Crab Fat, Texas Borderland Review, Rat's Ass Review, Up The Staircase Quaterly, Black Napkin Press & others. She has upcoming work in Mecurial Noodle Anthology & the Hysteria anthology with Lucky Bastard Press. Up The Staircase Quaterly nominated one of her poems for Best New Poets 2016, she is crossing her fingers — in the meantime she is growing her Afro so tall God mistakes it for a mic and speaks into her.

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