Sam Pittman's work has appeared in such journals as Bellevue Literary Review, West Wind Review, Newfound: A Journal of Place, The Good Men Project, and Sixfold. He holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and UC Berkeley, and has received awards from the Academy of American Poets and the American Scandinavian Foundation. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, where he teaches writing.

Sam Pittman


the mouth can be a place where things happen: he constructs an entire ship in this green bottle, then freezes the ocean inside; he swirls a silken dance for an easy stage hand in this mirror; he fires an iron brand and scores the lamb his new name which cannot be heard; he waits and waits; he polishes his silver; he melts the ice he dropped in this glass; he sips his water and swallows

"Gallery" puts production alongside its companion, violence. This poem is a list of sorts — of creations and destructions, of actions and inactions, of forms of beauty and forms of pain. And this list functions as a way to work through how the body and the self are not only constructed but are also sites of construction, revealing (or questioning) how the process of rendering is not necessarily positive even if it is generative.

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