Catherine Chambers received her degree in poetry from Goddard College's low-residency BFA program in Vermont. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in femrag lit mag, Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, The Indianola Review, Third Point Press, and the single best summer of her life was spent at the Tin House Summer Workshop. Catherine lives in New York City with her dog, Bob Dylan, where she teaches fitness.

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Catherine Chambers


I like to put my mouth on the mouth of men with wedding rings or on girls whose tits are smaller than mine I like girls who use the phrase "rub one out" even though I'm not one of those girls and sometimes I'm curious to know if I like men or perceived men or if it doesn't matter because do you want to watch me fit all of humanity under my tongue tie a cherry stem yes god let me love them

I wrote this poem in one of my many Tinder-induced rages after being asked for the one thousandth time to have a threesome. My profile said bisexual because that's what I am, bisexual. I was frustrated and felt like my sexuality immediately placed me in this category saying that's what I wanted, just threesomes. I didn't feel seen. I didn't feel date-able. And how could someone undateable be loveable? It didn't matter to me what kind of person I dated; married, vegan, tall, short, small, what have you. It just mattered that I wanted them and they wanted me. Anyway, I recommended they buy a vibrator (FYI threesome seekers, that's what you are actually seeking most of the time) and unmatched them. Unrelated, I was later banned from the app for being reported too much. Apparently I'm "mean."

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