Tammy Robacker won the 2015 Keystone Chapbook Prize for her manuscript, R. Her second poetry book, Villain Songs, is now available from ELJ Publications. Tammy published her first collection of poetry, The Vicissitudes, in 2009 (Pearle Publications). Tammy's poetry has appeared in Tinderbox, Menacing Hedge, Chiron Review, The Lake, Duende, So to Speak, Crab Creek Review, Arsenic Lobster, and Up the Staircase Quarterly. Currently enrolled in the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA program in Creative Writing at Pacific Lutheran University, Tammy lives in Oregon.

Also by Tammy Robacker: R Villain Songs The Vicissitudes

Tammy Robacker


It's a compliment, my aunt said when a truck full of men drove behind me to a stop sign then fuckyeahed and slapped me off my bike. I was twelve. I learned how the world pinned us with crude names that day. That I should listen. I should laugh along. To be a women was to be a dys- phemism, their subject, the four- legged words.

Lost & Found is published by Glass Poetry Press as part of Glass: A Journal of Poetry. This project publishes work that was accepted by journals that ceased publication before the work was released.
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