Natalie Solmer is a florist and an adjunct English instructor living in Indianapolis with her two young sons. She has been published in journals such as Willow Springs, The Fem, Tinderbox, The Louisville Review, and forthcoming from Cimarron Review.

Natalie Solmer

Floral Lady: Winter

What a hot cardinal I've stuck in white mums: my snow. It's easy to assemble red, erase the other colors of fall. I, queen of cuts, of my gray hood, am finding the royal angles to slice away thorn and stem, to innovate with gold-dust. Though what we love will never bloom again when kept indoors. Oh, best rose breeder, I am only fit for a snip off of your plastic bouquet- sleeve skirts. I inhabit the drops of white poinsettia sap that stick and stain the rags of my soul. Give me all your succulent and your celebratory owl. Teach me to gild my basket, my every azalea. Tell me their fortune. Tell me their price.

At the grocery store where I have worked as a florist for 13 years, we get these trade publications, and "Floral Lady: Winter" was inspired by one such publication. I spent a lunch break jotting down interesting language and phrases and then rearranged and reworked them (but also added language), so I suppose it is somewhat a 'found' poem. However, I have spent years trying to write the perfect "Floral Lady" poem which communicates the other-worldliness and everyday-ness of my work (as well as hints at my human dramas) in the grocery store, and I have a whole series of them … however, I was especially pleased with how this one came out!

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