Glass Poetry Press

Volume One Issue Two

Patrick Loafman

An Idiot's Guide to the Blue Cat

1. Warning The blue cat is not a dog he will not shake your hand or fetch sticks or play dead he doesn't come when he's called he calls you speak to him like an only child praying to a wounded bird speak to him with rhythm and cadence yes language is the only cage he'll freely enter. 2. Blue Cat 101 If the blue cat were a board game he'd be Trivial Pursuit if the blue cat had to choose between paper and plastic he'd ignore the question if the blue cat had to die for something he'd still have eight lives to squander foolishly if the blue cat could be anyone in the entire universe he'd choose to be himself. 3. Favorite Places the Blue Cat Likes to Hide On a beach with jellyfish the size of dinner plates on dinner plates smelling of the sea in the closet curled on the lap of your favorite jeans behind the refrigerator droning like a Buddhist amongst a gang of ravens pecking at stars … 4. Final Advice If you find a cat bundled in a cardboard box that once held whisky on your back stoop in October then receive him like a covenant but he is more like smoke than blood the blue cat might borrow your tongue he may use a raven bone for a flute make a drum from your gut if you feel a fever gripping your mind and the blue cat seems transparent hold him up to the sun like a cracked bottle of rum and marvel at the rainbow vein wriggling on your foot if the blue cat vanishes and you find yourself circling the neighborhood shouting at the night don't panic embrace the silence like a son and when you least expect it the blue cat will suddenly re-appear dropping like a coin from a swollen tongue dancing across a naked page.