Glass Poetry Press

Volume One Issue Two

Samuel S. Vargo

Just a Rainy Night in Georgia

Dreary days come And they go, Don't you know. It's raining in north Florida Today So I guess It's going to be a rainy night In Georgia, too. Today's Saturday 10-27- Two thousand seven In the day of our Lord And I know the Bulldogs And the Gators are playing Now as I sit and stew Over you, me and the mailman. How many times Seven does it take to wipe the slate clean? How many and how far Does the carrot go For that fuzzy rabbit To actually bite? All I know is the Gators And the Bulldogs Can leave me out of a parley. I come from a place That has an icicled Duck as a mascot And I know all there is to know About pregnancies And malignant cancers Thanks to life And getting hit over the spine With a hard column painted In various shades & hues With turpentine. Fella, And more often than not, Those old teachers who taught Me have their own poems to write Right now. I haven't seen them in ten Years & hopefully when we meet again It won—t be over literature and bland Cupcakes & wine but over the after — Certain eulogies and times dimensioned To the nth degree.