Glass Poetry Press

Volume Six Issue One
Special Feature: The Poetry of Aurora House

Stephanie McVicker


A real friend! I love you for the way you are both strong and kind. You were so strong when you had to go back to Aurora. And kind with your apology of how sorry you were to have worried me on that day I took that test. For the way you laugh and cry, feeling life from deep down inside. For the way you are distant yet not so far away. For reaching out and for searching for and bringing out the best in me. For your openness, your honesty, your live of simple things. Your purple pen and pink planner, yet most of all your innocence. For looking into my heart and touching my innermost thoughts. For the trust I can place in you. For the understanding and encouragement I always find in you. For all the joy you bring into my life. With your smile always reminding me that I'm the messiah. Because you are my best friend.